Currently/Business Seminar with focus on Norway, Israel and Globally

Business Seminar with focus on Norway, Israel and Globally

Translated from the newspaper «Norge Idag», Aleksander Overå
May 12, 2023
Business Seminar with focus on Norway, Israel and GloballyBjørn Kjærand Haugland and Jan-Aage Torp. Photo Credits: Oslokirken

There will be a historic focus on business and the Green Shift on June 23rd during Norge Idag's summer conference at Bildøy near Bergen.

Jan-Aage Torp from Kristen Koalisjon Norway (KKN) will lead this section together with his wife Aina

— We see the positive effects of us making environmentally friendly changes, underscores Jan-Aage. — We will look at the consequences of climate change for agriculture, the sea & the oceans, and the business world.

The head of Skift Norway, the project of the largest Norwegian industrial companies' for green transition, Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, is coming.

— What characterizes his leadership is the constructive work to get the most important players involved in a green shift in a way that takes care of profitability and the long term, emphasizes Jan-Aage.

— We are working to include as a speaker a prominent representative for The Green Shift in Israel. This is important for Christians in Norway who are passionate about Israel prophetically, but also as a world leader in research, innovation and business.

— We are also bringing a high-level climate scientist, and there will be other players as well, says KKN's chairman.

In addition to lectures, there will also be a panel discussion between the speakers.

— TV Visjon Norge will be there, but we recommend as many people as possible to come and participate physically during Norge Idag's summer conference, says Aina Torp.

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