KKN Speaks/Can Norwegian Authorities take away the Passport from Mama Silje Garmo, but not from IS Soldiers?

Can Norwegian Authorities take away the Passport from Mama Silje Garmo, but not from IS Soldiers?

Jan-Aage Torp
March 10, 2018
Can Norwegian Authorities take away the Passport from Mama Silje Garmo, but not from IS Soldiers?Silje Garmo today with her Norwegian passport

A scandal in «Barnevernet» is being accompanied these days by a ditto scandal in the foreign services, the judicial system, and the Police: On August 31st, 2017, Silje Garmo sought asylum in Poland because of several illegal actions by «Barnevernet» and the Police that are well documented by Norwegian lawyers, psychologists, specialist medical doctors, and former police chiefs.

Mama Silje has mighty enemies in Norwegian society. Judges in the court system have tight connections with Silje´s primary antagonists.

We get the shivers when such conditions are being documented about Norway - «the world´s best country to live in!». We remember former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland who boasted about us: «It is typically Norwegian to succeed!» 

In 2006, the sharpest knife in Norway´s legal drawer for decades, professor dr. juris Carl August Fleischer, wrote the book «A Culture of Corruption, Nepotism, and a Lack of Trust in Norway» (only in Norwegian), where he documents and uncovers how deeply ingrained corruption works in «the politically correct Norway». The book is being killed by silence. 

In conversations with the chairman of Christian Coalition World (KKN), Fleischer has given us more documentation about  corruption in «Barnevernet»​​​​. That´s why we say: We know! We are preparing heavy showdowns.

We asked Silje Garmo today about which hindrances Norwegian authorities have put in the way for her after she sought asylum in Poland. She then told us, among other thngs, that the highest authority of the Polish Police has received a demand from the Police in Norway through «Schengen Information System» (SIS) to arrest Silje´s passport to stop her freedom to move around and to «criminalize» her in all Schengen countries. Fortunately, the Police Chief in Poland is fair and sober, so he has refused to comply, referencing that Norwegian Police have neither given a legal explanation nor necessary documentation in their SIS-report.

It is unquestionable that Silje Garmo is on the right side of Norwegian and international law.

Legal Counsel Signe Blekastad said to the newspaper Dagbladet on October 22nd, 2017: «In legal terms, my client is a free woman who can travel wherever she wants with her child.  In my opinion she can also travel safely to Norway.»

There is something raving mad when Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) and other media outlets reported even yesterday that «the government will not be able to remove Norwegian passports from IS soldiers without a court decision». But mama Silje & baby Eira, who legally speaking are «free», are not allowed to have their Norwegian passport!

Soon Poland´s Foreign Minister, professor of political science Jacek Czaputowicz, will make his decision on mama Silje & baby Eira´s asylum application. 

Christian Coalition World (KKN) pleads to Poland to grant protection to two Norwegian citizens who do not feel that Norway is «the world´s best country to live in!»

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