KKN Speaks/Child Porn Psychiatry Felon, Dr. Brøyn, is cleared by the Board of Health!

Child Porn Psychiatry Felon, Dr. Brøyn, is cleared by the Board of Health!

Jan-Aage Torp
July 31, 2019
Child Porn Psychiatry Felon, Dr. Brøyn, is cleared by the Board of Health!Screenshot from aftenposten.no

On July 31st, the leading Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the work of the Child Psychiatrist felon, Dr. Jo Erik Brøyn, has been  cleared by the Board of Health Supervision (Helsetilsynet).

The investigation of Dr. Brøyn´s work with 26 expert psychiatric reports on Barnevernet cases was  ordered by the former Minister of Children and  Equality, Linda Hofstad Helleland, in 2018 after the scathing criticism of victims of Dr Brøyn´s work in the credible BBC Documentary, «Norway´s Silent Scandal». Watch here: 

The Board of Health Supervision assigned the expert investigation to one person, the Director of the Child- & Youth Psychiatric Section of Oslo University Hospital, Dr. Trude Fixdal. This «one-person-expert-commission» has cleared Dr. Brøyn of any wrongdoing in his work with 26 serious Barnevernet cases, which were all done while he (between 1997 and 2017) was indulging in 200.000 child pornographic pictures on his computers and 12.045 videos with a total playtime of 4.064 hours.

Dr. Brøyn was for 10 years one of 14 professional members of Norway´s Child Expert Commission, appointed by the Minister of Children and Equality and managed by the Govenmental Civil Rights Administration. This commission is mandated to give necessary checks and balances of every professional assessment by psychologists in cases for Barnevernet.

According to the article in Aftenposten on July 31st, the Chairwoman of the Child Expert Commission, Katrin Koch, personally checked a  selection of the cases that were handled by Dr.Brøyn while he served together with her on the Commission, and she found nothing wrong.

Dr. Brøyn is a known homosexual with pedophile orientation.

A few years ago he got two children through surrogacy in India.

A Corrupt System

KKN is open to the possibilitiy that Dr. Brøyn may have done, or may not have done, a good job in certain cases.

However, this is about something more important: Our trust in the Norwegian Child Protection System (Barnevernet).

Leaving the assessment of Dr.  Brøyn´s work to one expert within the Norwegian system, is appalling madness! It does not help that the Chairwoman of the Commission cleared Dr. Brøyn automatically.

26 cases against Norway´s Barnevernet are pending in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, and more are coming. The cases are coming against every angle of the infamous Barnevernet. KKN is involved in several of the cases. We KNOW them!

The massive denial of Barnevernet´s representatives has wripped the trust of Norwegian citizens of Barnevernet into shreds and pieces. The international criticism seems to be the only factor which forces Norway´s government to a certain semblance of superficial «reform». The system is simply corrupt! 

What now, Mr. Ropstad

I like our new Children & Family Minister, Mr. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Since he started his work in January, he has done some exceptionally good things.

However, the assessment of Dr. Brøyn´s work with Barnevernet between 1997 and 2017 is now a test of Mr. Ropstad´s integrous leadership. It will define if he is able to bring true reform to the CPS segment of Norwegian society, and that trust and respect can begin to develop.

Mr. Ropstad: You have only one thing to do: Appoint a broad expert commission to examine Dr. Brøyn´s  work. Include psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers and legal experts, pastors and other experts from Norway, but also from other nations that are strongly impacted by the malpractices of Barnevernet in Norway. There are highly competent experts with relevant expertise in Poland, Russia, Czech, Romania, France, Italy, Britain, USA, India & more.

If Mr. Ropstad does this, true reform may begin.

Please watch below the strong recent documentary by BBC:

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