KKN Speaks/Historic Celebration - but a sharp Clash with «Barnevernet»

Historic Celebration - but a sharp Clash with «Barnevernet»

Jan-Aage Torp
June 08, 2017
Historic Celebration - but a sharp Clash with «Barnevernet»

There is great joy in Norway and abroad over Kristen Koalisjon Norge´s bestowal of «The Family Defense Award 2017» upon the Marius & Ruth Bodnariu family with their 5 children. The award is appropriate. The Bodnariu family has handled the battle in an exemplary way with worldwide support. Now we want to honor and thank them - in Norway!

But the celebration has a serious backdrop, which is «Barnevernet» - with the ideological streams and influential forces that are behind it.

At present, 9 - NINE - cases against the Kingdom of Norway regarding Barnevernet are ready for proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

Even 21 years ago Norway was sentenced in ECHR in Strasbourg for the case of mama Adele Johansen and daughter Signe Malene. Barnevernet would not accept the sentence, and would not even listen to law professor at Oslo University, Carl August Fleischer, who is Norway´s foremost expert on international law. We must accept ECHR, said Fleischer in the court where he was an expert witness. But Barnevernet always knows best....

Our contention is that Barnevernet must be totally reformed, and something absolutely new must be built from the ground up in defense of the family and children!

Not only are there similarities between the former Soviet Union and DDR and today´s Norwegian Barnevernet, but the real influences are found in the biology of the 1800´s in Germany, which was world leading at the time. A «behaviorism» and «determinism» was developed which created the pseudo sciences that today are lumped under the name psychology. Very few clinical psychologists are today actually doing actual science, but rather personal assessments. Behaviorism was developed as a reaction against the «biologism» of the 1800´s, which partly was a flawed perception of what biology is. Behaviorism is more recent. What it shares with the old biologism, is determinism. Leading biology of the 1800´s believed in simple determinism on the basis of biology, while the behaviorists believed in simple determinism based on environment. 

Under German biology and determinism in the 1880´s, thoughts were developed that fitted nazism perfectly. Why were the Jews despised? One reason was that they moved from place to place. A pure race was the goal. In Norway this led to the attempts to purge the travellers.

A concept that is widely used today in Barnevernet´s assessments of a parent´s suitability as a parent, is «vagabonding». Barnevernet often removes children from parents who in the opinion of Barnevernet-staffers «move around too much». In our church in Oslo we are presently helping a family that is being harassed by Barnevernet because of this.

«Vagabonding» was on the agenda even when the nazis purged the Jews, and Norwegians did almost the same with the travellers.

Connected with the German ideology of the 1800´s came the concept «Blut und Boden» which was an ideological and political expression which became the slogan of the German national socialistic propaganda before and after World War II, and which laid the foundations for the thinking that repatriation, ethnic cleansing, and purging is legitimate.

The Norwegian professor of «sosionomi» and dr. philos. Kari Killén has fed Norwegian education of Barnevern-workers with family hostile theories, and nobody should think that she has suddenly changed her mind in old age just because of the string of tragedies in Barnevernet which are being unravelled. Actually she must show humility by publicly apologizing for many of her hazardous theories before we can even recommend her.

Among uncontested family hostile textbooks that are ruling the ground in the education of Barnevernet-workers are (all in Norwegian) Einar Aadland´s «Etikk for helse- og sosialarbeidarar» (Samlaget 1998), Jan Storø´s «Miljøarbeid i barnevernet. Systematikk og refleksjon» (Universitetsforlaget 2010), Øyvind Kvello´s «Barn i risiko» (Gyldendal akademisk 2015) etc.

These textbooks include recipes for how to take children from their parents, and are among the most important reasons why there is such an increase in family takeovers by Barnevernet during the past years. Inexperienced young people who are given a three year education as child protection officers have little clout when they face this onesidedness and brainwashing.

The Foster Home Industry is just that - an Industry. 

Numerous cases have been presented in Norwegian media recently that show that there is an extensive, well-financed «foster home industry».

In many Norwegian homes, children and young people live who in some instances have been given a better life with «foster parents», but in other instances not. And their original family has been ripped to pieces.

Many of these foster parents have more or less consciously been recruited to a task that occasionaly gave necessary help, but quite often is connected with a flawed analysis by immature Barnevernet-workers who only know what they were taught by their pseudo scientific instructors.

We believe that there are many good people who have been recruited as foster parents, and we need good solutions when children are victims of serious violence, real neglect, and extensive drug and alcohol usage.

We discourage the use of hate words in this battle. 

Let us avoid superficial usage of words such as «nazi», «gestapo» etc. even though they are communicable. Many of the child protection officers are victims of a system which they are struggling to come out from.

We will win this battle by factual debate, resolute stance, and the truth and love of Christ. In this, the Bodnariu family has shown the way!

Historic Celebration - but a sharp Clash with «Barnevernet»John Alvheim and Jan-Aage Torp worked together in several matters

The deceased John Alvheim and «the grand old man» of Norwegian politics, Carl I. Hagen of the Progress Party (Frp), had a sharp clash with Barnevernet by presenting a Dokument 8 proposition to «Stortinget» (Norway´s Parliament) in 1995, and they showed the way as well. Their case was named:

«Actions to Restore trust towards Barnevernet in this crisis of trust».

Hagen and Alvheim were brushed aside by Parliament.

It is tragic that 22 years have passed, and the problems with Barnevernet have increased. Enough is enough!

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