Egypt´s Ambassador Amr Ramadan - Expert on Human Rights

KKN Media
January 28, 2022

The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Norway, His Excellency Amr Ramadan, meets Pastor Jan-Aage Torp for an enlightening conversation about human rights.

The Ambassador is an acknowledged expert on human rights after having served for several years in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Welcome to watch Ambassador Ramadan as he conveys broader insights than those which are often narrowly spoken of in Scandinavia and some Western nations. He digs into the concept of «universal human rights» as he underscores the 44 universal human rights that unite the universe, based on the official, actual United Nations´ «Universal Declaration of Human Rights» (1948), the United Nations´ «International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights» (1967), and United Nations´ «International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights» (1967). These three instruments basically constitute what is regarded as «international human rights law». Ramadan describes some other treaties and agreements that several nations may choose to join, but that are not «universal human rights».

Photo Credits: Sahar Zargar

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