News/The Criminal Child Psychiatrist Jo Erik Brøyn attempts to reduce his Punishment

The Criminal Child Psychiatrist Jo Erik Brøyn attempts to reduce his Punishment

August 24, 2018
The Criminal Child Psychiatrist Jo Erik Brøyn attempts to reduce his PunishmentThe sentence from Oslo City Court states that there are no limitations to public insight into this verdict.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports that the appeal panel of Borgarting Court of Appeal has accepted the appeal from the child psychiatrist Jo Erik Brøyn who was sentenced in Oslo City Court in April this year for downloading huge amounts of abusive child pornographic material during the past 20 years.

The child psychiatrist, who for several years was a member of Norway´s «Child Expert Commission», appealed the sentencing, not the question of guilt.

The time for the appeal case has not been set.

22 months imprisonment was the majority verdict - two to one - in Oslo City Court. The minority wanted a more serious imprisonment, more than two years.

In the Oslo City Court, his former attorney, Toini Caroline Saxegaard Lødemel, demanded that most of the punishment could be served in his home because of his two children. Dr. Brøyn is a known homosexual with two children born through surrogacy in India.

- In the Court of Appeal we will demand that his sentence is reduced, and that an assessment be done while he is serving if a part of the punishment might be suspended, says the child psychiatrist´s new attorney, Svein Holden, to Dagbladet.

He and his client are content that the Court of Appeal has accepted a new trial on the question of sentencing.

After the case in the Oslo City Court more than four months ago, the convicted child psychiatrist has been the center of attention in a BBC documentary by the reporter Tim Whewell on the Norwegian Barnevernet, «Norway's Silent Scandal».

Parents who have lost custody for their children in cases in which Dr Brøyn has been the expert of Barnevernet, have also demanded that these cases be assessed again.

Dagbladet has contacted the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision, which specifically inspects the cases which the convicted child psychiatrist has been responsible for. The communications director Nina Vedholm says:

- The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision is aware that the Department for Children and Equality is assessing the problems. We are waiting for a response from the department.

The indictment before the case in Oslo City Court describes the enormous amount of illegal child pornographic material that were seized during the rassia in his home on January 12th, 2017: 205 536 data files, of which 193 491 photos and 12 045 videos with a total play time of 4 064 hours. In Addition there were 94 photo sheets.

If the videos were to be watched 24 hours a day seven days a week, it would take more than five months to watch the videos alone.

The indictment describes grave sexual abuses performed by adults against children, sexual activity between children, and children that perform sexual acts on themselves.

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