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National Strategy Gathering for 2020

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January 02, 2020
National Strategy Gathering for 2020van Doesburg, Monsen, and Salvesen National Strategy Gathering for 2020

Kristen Koalisjon Norge (KKN) is organizing on Friday, May 1st  and Saturday, May 2nd our Third National Strategy Gathering, «Step by Step».

The Gathering will be held in Drammen and Oslo, and among the contributors are leaders in Norwegian politics, the Church, society, and activism, as well as leading European and Israeli politicians and legal experts.


The main speakers are Leo Van Doesburg from Brussels, Nina Karin Monsen from Bergen, and Einar C. Salvesen from Oslo.

van Doesburg is a leading ideologue and strategist in European politics.

Monsen is an intellectual and philosopher who since 2004 has been an appointed scholar of the Norwegian government. She was previously an atheist, and has developed a vibrant Christian faith.

Salvesen is an organizational psychologist who spearheads the movement of concerned professionals against the malpractices of Barnevernet («National Notice of Concern»).

Family Defence Award

Friday evening will be a live broadcast on TV Visjon Norge in Drammen where KKN will bestow the 2020 Family Defense Award. The broadcast will be led by Jan Hanvold, and Jan-Aage Torp officiates.

Saturday in Oslo

Saturday will be held in «Bakgården», Thon Flex, Karl Johans gate 16 which is the main street of Oslo. The program starts at 10:00, and ends at 18:00.

Israel Banquet

On Saturday evening KKN hosts an Israel Banquet at a hotel in Karl Johans gate with outstanding artistic presentations and appeals by leading representatives for Israel and the Pro-Israel movement, led by KKN´s Chairman Jan-Aage Torp and his wife Aina. Israel´s official Independence Day is on Wednesday, April 29th. 


Registration information will be announced on KKN´s web pages from April 1st.


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