News/A Norwegian Mother seeks Asylum in Poland

A Norwegian Mother seeks Asylum in Poland

Poland´s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz decides - First Norwegian Asylant in Europe since WW2
February 15, 2018

The cases against the Norwegian Child Protection Services (CPS), known by the name «Barnevernet», have reached another level during the past two years as several Norwegians are fleeing their home country for the safety of their families.

Silje Garmo (37), a mother of two girls (12 and 1), sought asylum in Poland last year after a five year long nightmare involving arbitrary decisions by the CPS, the Police, and other powerful leaders in Norway. Her asylum case could be decided later this month by the Polish Foreign Minister.

A Norwegian Mother seeks Asylum in PolandSilje Garmo on the Polish tv channel «Telewizji Republika» yesterday (screenshot)

(Silje Garmo was a guest last night on nationwide tv in Poland, translated by the Polish journalist living in Oslo, Henryk Malinowski. See youtube video above. On the show, an informant who works in the Norwegian CPS speaks anonymously about the illegal practices that happen within this dreaded organization.)

Silje´s case has been investigated by the reknown psychology specialist in Oslo, Einar C. Salvesen, and by the psychologist Joar Tranøy, as well as by her church leadership in Oslo, and the recommendation is clearly that the CPS have no foundation for taking her 13 month old baby Eira from her. Silje Garmo is a competent mother for both girls.

The leading Polish lawyers of Ordo Iuris, the logal think tank in Warsaw, have investigated in Poland and Norway the legal basis for her cases, and have concluded that legally there is no warrant whatsoever for taking her children.

Both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights provide a right for respect for one's family life. Both Polish and Norwegian law are subject to international law in such matters, maintains the Ordo Iuris lawyers that Christian Coalition World (CCW) have interviewed. Therefor, Ordo Iuris recommends that Silje Garmo and her daughters are granted asylum in Poland.

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