Notes/Great Alliances start with Friendship and Standing up for the Downtrodden!

Great Alliances start with Friendship and Standing up for the Downtrodden!

Jan-Aage Torp
June 30, 2021
Great Alliances start with Friendship and Standing up for the Downtrodden!Jerzy and Jan-Aage yesterday with the Coptic Cross of Christ behind then. In the Coptic Church of the Holy Virgin of Zeitoun in Vienna.

I am returning in a few minutes from Vienna to Oslo after two memorable days in the Austrian capital. We successfully bestowed upon Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF International) the 2021 Family Defense Award from KKN. I have a sense of deep satisfaction. Mission accomplished!

Of course, I realize that in man´s eyes we are building powerful alliances. For the liberal media and globalist politicians we are scary. We are a «threat» to their meticulously crafted systems to coerce the world into their pro-pride, pro-abortion, anti-family agendas.

Now, let me underscore that not every politician is like that. Although I am a «climate sceptic», I believe that a man like Mr. Erik Solheim, the Christian Socialist politician in Norway who has served the world for decades for the promotion of peace, education, food availability, and a sustainable climate - he is actually a man who works for the good of people. Why do I trust him? Because he actually talks and meets with a guy like me - and others like me. Even taking criticism for it. I trust people who have open agendas, and who invite everyone to understand, share - and even object! Until recently Solheim held the positions as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Great Alliances start with Friendship and Standing up for the Downtrodden!This is when Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik and Jan-Aage Torp met, and friendship began! (Photo: Private)

The award in Vienna was a statuette by my good friend, the renown Norwegian sculptor and painter Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik, who at his own initiative made the beautiful statuette which I named «A Family in Europe». He and I started our friendship when he spotted me in a cafe in Oslo, and I invited him to have coffee with me. Here is that memorable photo:

Below is a video clip where Tore Bjørn explains the plain reason for making the statuette:

How did the powerful alliance between Aina & me and our ministries start with Jerzy Kwasniewski, the President of the renown Ordo Iuris in Warsaw?

It was because the young mother Silje Garmo and her little baby Eira visited a service in Oslokirken because of threats from «Barnevernet». Mama & baby fled to Warsaw, and there she met Jerzy, one of the most warmhearted men in the world, and he started her legal defence. When he came on a fact-finding mission to Oslo, he immediately contacted me. Our coffee on the main street Karl Johan started the friendship, cooperation - and powerful alliances!

That is why I am calling this article: «Great Alliances start with Friendship and Standing up for the Downtrodden!»

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