Notes/«Paid to pretend to protest»

«Paid to pretend to protest»

Jan-Aage Torp
January 09, 2021

Evidence is mounting about who actually instigated the invasion of the US Congress on Wednesday, January 6th.

The immediate accusations by mainstream media and spokesmen were directed at President Donald Trump.

I have listened to the whole speech by Trump in DC prior to the despicable invasion, and it was actually a boring, non-typical Trump speech. He simply laid out facts, and did nothing to inflame anyone.

One piece of evidence that has emerged in social media is this video clip where one of the rioters confesses that he was «paid to pretend to protest today».

Other evidence is emerging of known rioters within BLM and Antifa played key parts in the riots.

The news is unfolding, and more material will be assessed and corroborated. I will keep my readers updated.

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