Notes/Trump´s Re-Election is Alive and Well

Trump´s Re-Election is Alive and Well

Jan-Aage Torp
November 17, 2020
Trump´s Re-Election is Alive and WellScreenshot from CBS

It is interesting to watch how the situation is getting clearer every day about the US Presidential Election 2020.

CNN and mainstream media has bombarded the world with literally FAKE NEWS regarding the supposed election victory of Joe Biden.

Former President Barack Obama made some assertions in a CBS interview on Sunday that startled me: He actually said that «facts» should be unanimously accepted by everyone. My question is: Which facts? Is there no room for a second opinion? Is it questionable to question the legitimacy and fairness of an election? s it non-factual to request an assessment and ruling by the courts? Obama seems to be the proponent of the modern form of dictatorship, governed by mainstream media, big tech, and big bucks.

The legal challenges of the Trump team have been mockingly called «baseless». Even Washington Post conveyed a fake story this weekend that has been spread relentlessly by CNN & Co, stating that Trump had dropped several of his lawsuits.

However, it seems clear that there will be recounts and legal processes in several states, esp. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, and possibly also Arizona and Nevada.

My take is that the election result will not be clear until December 14th when the Electoral College is scheduled to make the final decision.

If I were to bet money on one of the candidates as the definitive winner, my safest bet would be President Donald J. Trump. Trump´s re-election is alive and well.

The way it looks, the aftermath of this election will be numerous criminal charges against key leaders of the Democratic Party, perhaps even against Joe Biden himself.

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