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KKN Media
February 01, 2020

We emphasize building relationships with leading experts within professions such as law, medicine, psychology, theology, and social sciences.

Everywhere we work with ordinary men and women, but to achieve influence and results we connect ourselves with the leading competency in every field.

We are involved in parliaments, palaces, governments, embassies, universities, and every place where leaders operate.

KKN is in a privileged position. We had an intermission in our functions for 12 years, but after we restarted in 2016 we have gone from being «nothing» to becoming a real factor all over Europe. What is the reason? It is God´s grace - and it is the prayers and gifts of our supporters.

The photo shows the press conference of Ordo Iuris from Warsaw, Poland when they presented in January 2020 their report on Barnevernet at Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway together with KKN´s Chairman, Jan-Aage Torp. The lawyers of Ordo Iuris are Filip Woloszczak, Jerzy Kwasniewski (President), and Bartek Zalewski.

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