10 Commandments

John Alvheim´s 10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet
Jan-Aage Torp
October 15, 2020
10 CommandmentsJohn Alvheim and Jan-Aage Torp speaking at a rally in front of Parliament in 1993

John Alvheim (1930-2005) was the Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament´s Social Committee in 1997-2005, and was undoubtedly regarded as the most trustworthy politician in our nation on social issues, across the party lines.

He was particularly known for his defense of the elderly and his warnings against the abuses of Barnevernet.

After his death, the new politicians of our nation have preferred to «forget» his warnings against Barnevernet, which became even more radical in ideology and methodology in 2012, thanks to decisions by the Department of Children and Equality. 

John Alvheim was a devout follower of Christ. I was privileged to work with him on several occasions on family issues.

Here are John Alvheim´s 10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet, in my English translation:

  1. Shut up, everything you say will be used against you.
  2. Contact a lawyer immediately.
  3. Get a psychologist, even if you are healthy – you might need it.
  4. Don´t accept help, it will create the impression that you can´t take care of yourself.
  5. Don´t accept help from maternal homes. That is not a relief institution, but a surveillance center.
  6. Demand an explanation in writing for all decisions you are exposed to.
  7. Appeal against every decision. 
  8. Don´t accept placement in foster homes. You won´t get the child back.
  9. Remember that when barnevernet talks about relief measures, then they normally refer to taking over parental care, or surveillance.
  10. If you need help, use friends or relatives – or manage yourself.
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