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Norwegian Parliament mislead the People re: Strasbourg Report

Jan-Aage Torp
June 29, 2018
Norwegian Parliament mislead the People re: Strasbourg ReportThe was clear: 70 percent in favor of Dr. Gheletchi´s report Norwegian Parliament mislead the People re: Strasbourg Report Norwegian Parliament mislead the People re: Strasbourg ReportDr. Valeriu Ghiletchi delivering his speech on Thursday

KKN is not surprised, but still upset, when we have read the official news story on the web page of the Norwegian Parliament, Stortinget, from the debate and vote at the session of PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) on Thursday afternoon, June 28th regarding the official PACE report by the rapporteur, Dr. Valeriu Ghiletchi: «Striking a balance between the best interest of the child and the need to keep families together».

The one-sided report on the Norwegian Parliament´s web page is clearly a propaganda version from Strasbourg that intends to mislead the Norwegian People regarding Barnevernet.

It is noteworthy that the Norway-delegation´s report has only been written in Norwegian. Why? To conceal from the world what we say and do on Norwegian soil? If our suspicions are valid, we are now mending the problem by providing for the world and the nations of PACE a proper translation of the Norwegian report in English as well. Please click the translated version below.

70 Percent Majority

The vote proved without any shadow of doubt that the report was passed with a 70 percent majority! The PACE News has presented the approved report on the Council of Europe´s web page. Please click here. 

It was a huge victory for the solid work of Dr. Ghiletchi who managed to create a balanced report that took into account all sides of the matter. The history books will for ever tell this story, unless dictatorial regimes attempt to rewrite history, as in the communist regimes that the people uprooted in nation after nation.

Almost every one of the 19 speakers during the PACE debate, which KKN followed via the PACE live web broadcast, expressed strong criticism of the Barnevernet of Norway.

The perception has become virtually unanimous in European nations that something is fundamentally wrong with the Norwegian CPS. In light of this, it was not surpirsing at all that there were only 2 - two - votes against Dr. Ghiletchi´s report, and 14 - fourteen - abstentions. Not even the Norwegian politicians dared to actually vote against such a balanced report! Our information is that Morten Wold (Progress) and Emilie Enger Mehl (Center) voted for the report, whereas Ingjerd Schou (Conservative) and Lise Christoffersen (Labor) abstained.


It is also a fact that there were a few amendments to Dr. Ghiletchi´s report that were approved, and several amendments were not approved.

KKN´s European legal analysts have concluded that the amendments brought a couple of inconsistencies into the language of the report, but the amendments do not weaken it at all. Rather it proves that Dr. Ghiletchi has done his utmost to accommodate the frantic reactions of the Norwegian politicians from the leftist-secularist-centralist governmental agenda.

The Norwegian spokeswoman Jette Fugelsnes Christensen, MP from the Lab Party, brought several proposals to the floor with the clear intent of destabilizing and confusing the language and family based ideology in the official report. Time after time, Ms Christensen conveyed her emotionally based ideas at PACE in line with the rhetoric of Barnevernet

Dr. Ghiletchi fought hard during the debate to avoid that the language of the report would lose its congruence with the language of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights, but Christensen was unflinching in her defense of Barnevernet´s postulates about what is «in the best interests of the child».

Christensen was backed in Strasbourg by the Norwegian delegation leader, Ms. Ingjerd Schou of the Conservative Party, who a decade ago served as the Social Minister in the Government of Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik, and who clearly represents the hard-line approach of Ms. Erna Solberg´s government with regards to Barnevernet.

The Conservative Party that Ms. Schou represents, has for decades represented the interests of the big capital, which KKN also supports. But the difference is that KKN cannot accept that capitalism is used against the families!

The big media in Norway have exposed increasingly that big time capital is involved in the many aspects of the Barnevernet industry. During the five years of Ms. Erna Solberg as Norway´s Prime Minister, the families have been sacrificed on the altar of financial gain for the banks and the corporations, national and international.

The Labor Party and the Conservative Party in Norway are largely in agreement about Barnevernet. The Conservatives believe that big time private capital should have a decisive role in Barnevernet, whereas the Labor Party tends to believe in total government control.

The associate leader of the Norwegian delegation, Ms. Lise Christoffersen of Labor, wrote afterwards in a Facebook Barnevernet group (KKN´s translation - see note below):

«Sorry to have to update your perception of reality somewhat. This was a report that the Council of Europe did not give their backing to. Many amendments were made and approved. The report twists the facts. I was there, so I know. He wanted to set the family above the best of the child. Many parliamentarians from many countries reacted.»

Morten Wold

Morten Wold of the Progress Party serves currently as the Vice-President of Norway´s Parliament. His party has traditionally been sharply opposed to Barnevernet, but since they entered the government of Ms Erna Solberg in 2013 their approach and rhetoric has changed, so much actually that we have had reason to question their integrity.

On my Facebook-page earlier this week Mr Wold claimed that he would vote for most of Dr Ghiletchi´s report.

I am happy to say that he not only did that, but he held a brilliant three minute speech that acknowledged the deep problems with Barnevernet, and he even drew the line from the Bodnariu case of 2015-16 and Dr. Ben-Oni Ardelean´s efforts to bring the matter to PACE. 

Whether this means that the Progress Party will return to their fundamental views on Barnevernet, or not, remains to be seen. As long as the party is under the influence of Ms. Erna Solberg´s Pro-Barnevernet ideology and policies, that might be impossible. 

The official report about Strasbourg on the Norwegian Parliament´s web page gives the impression, however, that Morten Wold supported the Norwegian efforts to twist the wording of the resolution. if that is the case, then Morten Wold needs to give us some updated information.

Perhaps Mr. Wold´s clear words on Thursday represent the beginning of the end of the Progress Party´s participation in the present government? There seems to be a brewing opposition in the Progress Party against the political correctness that the party has chosen for the past few years.

KKN has supported Ms. Erna Solberg´s government all along, but we have begun to question its ideologically-based development with anti-family, pro-choice, pro-euthanasia and other actual policies and/or tendencies. KKN is monitoring the situation closely. We are not rubber-stamping that government.

Note1: Lise Christoffersen´s Norwegian text - «Beklager å måtte virkelighetsorientere dere en smule. Dette var en rapport som Europarådet ikke stilte seg bak. Mange endringsforslag var fremmet og ble vedtatt. Rapportøren fordreier fakta. Jeg var der, så jeg vet. Han ville sette familien over barnets beste. Mange parlamentarikere fra mange land reagerte.»

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