Notes/We strongly condemn Desecration of the Quran!

We strongly condemn Desecration of the Quran!

Jan-Aage Torp
July 21, 2023
We strongly condemn Desecration of the Quran!

Again there have been reports from Sweden about the burning of the holy book of our Muslim friends, the Quran.

This is such a heinous act that it must be condemned in the strongest terms!

As Chairman of Kristen Koalisjon Norway (KKN), I cannot remain silent.

The same is true when the Torah and the Bible are burned and desecrated.

I wrote on January 30th about similar conditions:

When certain individuals in Sweden, Denmark and Norway resort to their sadistic demonstrations where the burning of the Quran is their Â«holy ritual», that should be stopped by law enforcement, and subsequently be dealt with in the court of law. This is nothing less than blasphemy. Sadly, Western nations are getting rid of blasphemy laws, but these sadistic actions could still easily be dealt with by related laws in our nations, which would slap the perpetrators with heavy monetary fines and/or prison time. It takes a conscious decision by the Government and State attornies to find a logical and legal basis for indictments.

KKN is grateful that the Police in Sweden are following up on the events of the last few days, and we request that Swedish courts sentence the abusers severely.

KKN expects the Government, the Parliament and the Judiciary in Norway to follow up such cases with great severity.

We strongly condemn Desecration of the Quran!

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