News/Strategy Gathering for 2019: «On the Road to VICTORY!»

Strategy Gathering for 2019: «On the Road to VICTORY!»

October 13, 2018
Strategy Gathering for 2019: «On the Road to VICTORY!» Strategy Gathering for 2019: «On the Road to VICTORY!»Piotr Uscinski is a great defender of Norwegian mama and asylum-seeker in Poland, Silje Garmo. Jerzy Kwasniewski in the background. Strategy Gathering for 2019: «On the Road to VICTORY!»Dr Alan Ross

KKN hosts our annual Strategy Gathering for 2019 for the second year in a row at Comfort Hotel Karl Johan in Oslo on Friday-Saturday January 4th-5th.

The Strategy Gathering is open for members, partners, and followers. The Gathering starts on Friday evening at 18:00, and ends on Saturday evening at 20:00.

Registration starts on November 1st.

«On the Road to VICTORY!» is the heading for the Strategy Gathering. So far our two confirmed main speakers are 1) Piotr Michał Uściński, Member of the Polish Parliament who is the family spokesperson for the government party in The Sejm; and 2) Dr. Alan Ross, esteemed inernational prophet, associate pastor of the main Assemblies of God church in Glasgow, Scotland, and professor of Transformational Leadership at The New International University in Bellevue, Washington. Two-three additional speakers are about to be confirmed.

The focus of the Strategy Gathering will be human dignity, sanctity of life, and defence of family. Classic issues.

2019 will be a demanding year for KKN with our rapidly expanding agenda that focuses on Norway, but our European and global involvement is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 2019 our attention is expanding to the nations of Asia, while Europe and Norway will be the most challenging and time-consuming.

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