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Norway´s Deceptive «Barnevernet»-seminar

Jan-Aage Torp
October 17, 2018
Norway´s Deceptive «Barnevernet»-seminarEinar C. Salvesen and Linda Hofstad Helleland

- Norway is attempting to deceive the world about «Barnevernet», states Einar C. Salvesen, psychology specialist and initiator of KIB, the nation´s only professional network of psychologists, lawyers and other specialists within the field of CPS, that is actually presenting a concerted and longterm criticism of the scandalous «Child Protection Services».

The outrage of Salvesen and numerous other professionals that have contacted KKN this week is directed at the seminar that Ms. Linda Hofstad Helleland, the Minister of Children & Equality in Norway´s government, is having in Oslo on Monday. October 22nd about «Barnevernet viewed with International Eyes».

Worldwide Criticism

The backdrop to the seminar is the mounting criticism and pressure against Norway´s CPS during the past three years from both international organizations such as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and leaders and parliaments of nations such as Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, and even as far away as India. The Bodnariu Case of 2015-16 proved to be a turning point in this international movement against the malpractices of «Barnevernet» when 100.000 protesters in at least 40 nations worldwide took to the streets and picketed Norwegian embassies and consulates. This led to the PACE Resolution in Strasbourg of June 28th, 2018 which was passed by 70 percent of the votes of parlamentarians from 47 European nations, critisizing the measures that remove children from their parents without preceding full investigations.

Concerned Professionals

Einar C. Salvesen initiated the Notice of Concern in June 2015 that has been signed by more than 260 professionals within psychology, law and other specialities that stated their strong criticism of the malpractices of «Barnevernet». In 2017, Mr. Salvesen and some leading psychologists formed KIB, which is the «Competency Network for Quality in Barnevernet».

Listen to Critics?

In the rationale for the seminar on October 22nd, the Minister of Children & Equality has stated that she wants to listen to the foremost critics of «Barnevernet».

In the program that has been set up by the Ministry, the lawyer Thea Totland was set up as a speaker on behalf of KIB, in spite of the fact that she was never part of the organisation.  Being a mild critic of "Barnevernet" she also actually represents another organisastion. 

-When the organizers  of the seminar was made aware of this fact, they still were not willing to give the representatives of KIB any important role,  neither as a speaker nor a member of the panel to follow the introductions of the seminar. An overwhelmig majority of the People who are presenting their views on the CPS in Norway in the seminar, are known to be sympathetic to the system, and they do not have substantial knowledge of the nature of the criticism presented internationally on Barnevernet. KIB is the only organisation which has studied the content of the international criticism thoroughly, and who consists of Professionals with a broad psychologial background and who can recognize how misuse of psychological theory leads to wrong decisions when it comes to removing children from their biological families.  Thus it turns out that the seminar launched by the New Minister will not contain any enlightening and informative criticisms that the ministry can make use of  to meet the current deeply disturbing situation within the Norwegian CPS.

Tim Whewell of BBC

- Tim Whewell of BBC has been invited to contribute in a panel, but he does not know the real Norwegian CPS. He has produced two excellent documentaries about certain aspects of «Barnevernet», but is not able to give any substantive analysis and criticism of the faulty practices, says Salvesen in a conversation with KKN.

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